Fairtex Boxing Gloves Review – FAQs and Buyer Guide

In the realm of Fairtex boxing gloves, we aim to illuminate the top-tier options available. While Fairtex gloves may not enjoy the same widespread recognition as Top King within the Thai boxing community, they undoubtedly deserve your consideration. What truly distinguishes Fairtex boxing gloves is their unwavering commitment to quality, exemplified by the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each pair, all crafted from genuine leather.

Fairtex boasts an extensive lineup of gloves, each meticulously designed to cater to specific user preferences and requirements. Furthermore, they offer a wide array of vibrant colors for each glove model, allowing you to showcase your style even inside the ring. These gloves not only deliver on aesthetics but also excel in terms of compactness and a tightly compressed design to maximize performance.

It’s worth highlighting that Fairtex’s core glove models exhibit unique structural attributes that set them apart from competitors in the market. In this review, we’ve selected some of the standout models and provided comprehensive insights into each one. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge required to make an educated decision and choose the ideal pair of Fairtex gloves that align with your specific needs.

Top 4 Fairtex Boxing Gloves Reviews and Ratings

Following are the boxing gloves that we are going to review in this guide of Fairtex Boxing Gloves Reviews

Fairtex Mexican Style Boxing Gloves⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Fairtex Tight Fit BGV1 Boxing Gloves⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Fairtex Pro Competition Model BGL6 Gloves⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Fairtex Bag Gloves – Velcro design⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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1. Fairtex Mexican Style Boxing Gloves

In our Fairtex boxing gloves review, the last model of Fairtex boxing gloves is Mexican style gloves. They offer new and softer padding. Also, it has comfortable padding and hand compartment. Plus, it is constructed in such a way to give a better feel and more safety. However, these Mexican style boxing gloves are of premium leather. Likewise, these gloves are handmade in Thailand with Velcro straps.

Further, the Mexican style gloves have a different design than other Fairtex boxing gloves. Unfortunately, the knuckle padding is thinner than an average boxing glove. The back of the hand is filled with more padding. Due to more padding, it allows shock absorption, which is necessary when block-in kick or knee.

Fairtex New Mexican Style Muay Thai Sparring Gloves

Nonetheless, Mexican style gloves are good for boxing gyms or NakMuay. Also, these gloves are good for someone who wants a boxing friendly gloves to beat on someone or to heavy hit the pads. Other than that, these gloves are perfect for heavy bag workouts. Generally, Mexican boxing gloves are great for pad work.  But if you need gloves for clinching, we recommend buying the BGV1 Fairtex boxing gloves. Also, these gloves are available in various colors.

Overall, Fairtex Mexican style boxing gloves have a good price. And the construction is great as well. Lastly, the leather material makes these gloves amazing.


  • Good quality and construction
  • Leather material and Velcro straps
  • Good price and padding


  • Liner is not comfortable
  • Lack of gripping
  • Thin padding in knuckles

2. Fairtex Tight Fit BGV1 Boxing Gloves

If you are looking for a tight fit design boxing gloves, then this is best for you. Fairtex BGV1 are handmade gloves that have genuine leather material with Velcro straps. Also, these gloves are all-purpose gloves. The quality of these gloves is no.1, and they have great value. BGV1 are the best Fairtex boxing gloves.

Moreover, these Muaythai boxing gloves have less padding on the knuckles, though, but they have more padding on the back of the hand. Plus, BGV1 is better to block strikes, such as kicks.

Other than that, with these gloves, you trade protection in one area for another. Besides that, the inner layer of gloves feels like a cushion, but it doesn’t have much padding like other brand’s gloves.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves. BGV1

If you use other brand gloves, you may feel that it has a flat board, no inner foaming. But there is some padding on the fingertip with the most comfortable foam of the entire glove. Padding on the fingertips will prevent bruises and give a secure grip to the hand as well. Consequently, the liner is fine but not a rough liner.

Furthermore, FairtexMuay Thai boxing gloves BGV1 are most popular; that’s why we chose this model as our top pick. The basic model is Black BGV1 tight fit. Also, it has many sizes up to 20 oz.

And that’s not all; Fairtex has fancy patterns and designs that offer great features and core design. At last, it is different cosmetically than other brand gloves.


  • high-quality gloves with great craftsmanship
  • sturdy wrist provides good support
  • incredibly comfortable


  • Velcro straps are hard to undo
  • Some people say that it lacks grip bar
  • Hand compartment is wide enough

3. Fairtex Pro Competition Model BGL6 Gloves

Fairtex pro-competition model BGL6 gloves are used in k-1 brazil, USA, GP, ISKA, and in other championship fights all over the world. Also, these gloves are seen on ESPN, pay-per-view, Canal+, sky sports, euro sports, stat sports, super sports, and fuji TV. Plus, it is seen on other TV networks worldwide.
Moreover, pro-competition gloves are contoured and have a snug-fitting hand compartment with a lock-thumb feature for optimal fist closure. The feature of lock-thumb will minimize eye and thumb injuries.

Other than that, these gloves are constructed using premium quality leather with Fairtex original pre-curved and triple-layer foam. The core foaming layer at the knuckle hitting area is best for toe-to-toe actions.

Fairtex Boxing Gloves lace up Pro Competition Gloves

Further, the Fairtex pro-lace-up gloves have 100 percent genuine leather, and they are hand made in Thailand. No doubt, these gloves are having good reviews form beginners to the professional fighters for sparring, bag training, and working with pads. And these gloves are available in various colors.

Additionally, in our Fairtex boxing gloves review, these are the best lace-up gloves for full contact Muay Thai competitions. At last, we recommend these gloves for sparring!


  • Handmade gloves
  • Genuine premium quality leather
  • Popular model gloves
  • Lace-up gloves,
  • Lock-thumb feature


  • No cons as such

4. Fairtex Bag Gloves – Velcro design

Fairtex boxing gloves are originally for Muay Thai stand up, grappling, and for clinching techniques. These are engineered with pre-curve quality of the top-grain leather shell. Also, it has a uni-layered high-density latex foam core system. And these gloves are handmade in Thailand.

Consequently, the best thing about Fairtex boxing gloves is their quality. Moreover, Fairtex’s handmade gear is just absolutely top-notch construction. Quality is what you get with these gloves. Nevertheless, bag gloves have a thick and nice texture. Plus, these gloves shine under the light.

Fairtex Muay Thai Bag Gloves

Additionally, we recommend these boxing gloves for clinching and bag work. But several different models depending on the thumb and Velcro design. Bag gloves are good for clinching but little heavy for bag workout. Also, these gloves are available in various colors.

Further, in our Fairtex boxing gloves review, the stitching of these gloves is perfect. Best of all, Fairtex bag gloves have solid stitching and don’t get loose after wearing out. So overall, these gloves have good quality that can rival the higher brands.


  • Velcro design
  • Full and half cover
  • Good clinching feel
  • Offers more protection


  • Long break-in time

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Question

Are Fairtex gloves good for boxing and MMA?

Fairtex boxing gloves are much cheaper than other brands. Also, they are smaller with a unique, tight-fitting that is best for its price. Generally, these are high-quality Muay Thai gloves. Overall, the best Fairtex gloves are BGV1 is highly recommended for anyone.

How long should Fairtexboxing gloves last?

Usually, if you are a beginner, then your gloves should last for 1 to 3 years. It also depends on how much you train. So if you are a professional boxer or heavy hitter, then low price gloves won’t last for a year. So it is better to never spend on more than you are comfortable losing.

Are Fairtex 12 oz boxing gloves good?

Make sure, and you buy a good pair of boxing gloves that will help you avoid getting injured. Also, the gloves should be durable enough to last long. So 12oz gloves are good for training, heavy bag work, and sparring. And 12 oz boxing gloves have the highest quality genuine leather, no doubt they are durable.


Fairtex boxing gloves are smaller with a unique and tight fit that gives the best feel to palms. These gloves are high-quality Muay Thai gloves. And some of the Fairtex gloves are of the best value around.

In our Fairtex boxing gloves review, we have the best models of Fairtex boxing gloves. So you can choose easily without any confusion. However, if you need an all-purpose glove, then buy Fairtex Tight Fit BGV1 Boxing Gloves. These gloves have the best grip, and the high quality feels with snug-fitting. Further, BGV1 has comfortable padding, and it is good for training every day.

We recommend BGV1 because of great value and for anyone who needs a good boxing glove. Thank you for visiting here!


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