Fairtex Boxing Gloves Review – FAQs and Buyer Guide

While Fairtex boxing gloves may not be as well-known as Top King in the Thai boxing community, they deserve attention for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Made from genuine leather, Fairtex offers an extensive range of gloves designed to meet diverse preferences and requirements. They come in various vibrant colors, allowing you to showcase your style in the ring. These gloves are compact and tightly compressed for maximum performance.

In this review, we’ll focus on Fairtex’s standout models, each with unique structural features that set them apart from competitors. Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive insights to help you choose the ideal Fairtex gloves for your specific needs.

Top 4 Fairtex Boxing Gloves Reviews and Ratings

Following are the boxing gloves that we are going to review in this guide of Fairtex Boxing Gloves Reviews

Fairtex Mexican Style Boxing Gloves⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Fairtex Tight Fit BGV1 Boxing Gloves⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Fairtex Pro Competition Model BGL6 Gloves⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Fairtex Bag Gloves – Velcro design⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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1. Fairtex Mexican Style Boxing Gloves

Fairtex New Mexican Style Muay Thai Sparring Gloves

The Fairtex Mexican Style Boxing Gloves feature a unique design with softer, comfortable padding and a roomy hand compartment. Made from premium leather and handmade in Thailand, these gloves have Velcro straps and a distinct look compared to other Fairtex models.

Key features:

  • Thinner knuckle padding but more padding on the back of the hand for better shock absorption when blocking kicks/knees
  • Well-suited for boxing gyms, pad work, and heavy bag workouts
  • Not recommended for clinching (better to get BGV1 model for that)


  • Good quality leather construction
  • Decent price
  • Velcro straps
  • Effective padding distribution


  • Liner may not be very comfortable
  • Lacks grip
  • Knuckle padding relatively thin

Overall, a solid option for those wanting Fairtex quality in a Mexican-style padded glove, especially for pad/bag work rather than sparring.

2. Fairtex Tight Fit BGV1 Boxing Gloves

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves. BGV1

The BGV1 is Fairtex’s premier tight-fit, all-purpose boxing glove model. Made of genuine leather with Velcro straps, these handmade Thai gloves are highly regarded for their quality and value.

Key Features:

  • Tight fit design
  • Less padding on knuckles but more on back of hand for blocking strikes/kicks
  • Inner cushioned lining without excessive foam padding
  • Good fingertip padding for grip and preventing bruises
  • Available in many sizes up to 20oz


  • Excellent craftsmanship and materials
  • Sturdy wrist support
  • Very comfortable
  • Popular model, Fairtex’s top pick


  • Velcro can be hard to undo
  • Some find the grip bar lacking
  • Hand compartment may be too roomy for some

Overall, the BGV1 is Fairtex’s flagship Muay Thai glove, offering their trademark tight fit, quality leather construction and strategic padding distribution in a versatile all-around model. The core black version is a classic, but they also offer fancy patterned designs.

3. Fairtex Pro Competition Model BGL6 Gloves

Fairtex Boxing Gloves lace up Pro Competition Gloves

The BGL6 is Fairtex’s flagship lace-up competition glove model, widely used in major Muay Thai/kickboxing events worldwide like K-1, ISKA championships and televised across networks like ESPN.

Key Features:

  • Premium leather construction, handmade in Thailand
  • Contoured snug-fit with lock-thumb feature to prevent eye/thumb injuries
  • Pre-curved shape with triple-layer foam, dense knuckle padding for hard striking
  • Lace-up closure


  • Genuine high-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Lock-thumb design for added safety
  • Ideal for competitive sparring, pad work, bag work
  • Reputable model used by beginners to pros


  • No major cons identified

Overall, the BGL6 is Fairtex’s top-tier lace-up competition glove, offering superior protection, fit and impact dispersion. Its lock-thumb contoured design and dense knuckle foam make it a great choice for hard sparring and full-contact competition use. Highly recommended for Muay Thai fighters of all levels.

4. Fairtex Bag Gloves – Velcro design

Fairtex Muay Thai Bag Gloves

The Fairtex Bag Gloves are purpose-built for clinch work, grappling and heavy bag training with their durable pre-curved leather shell and high-density foam padding. Handmade in Thailand with top-notch construction.

Key Features:

  • Premium leather construction with uni-layer latex foam padding
  • Pre-curved shape ideal for clinching techniques
  • Available in both full and half-thumbed velcro designs
  • Thick padding offers robust protection


  • Excellent craftsmanship and long-lasting materials
  • Specialized design for clinching and bagwork
  • Extra protective padding
  • Variety of colors


  • May require a longer break-in period

Overall, these velcro bag gloves showcase Fairtex’s quality with their solid stitching and leather that shines. While on the heavier side, they provide the clinch feel and knuckle protection needed for intense bag sessions and clinchwork. A great multipurpose training glove from a respected Muay Thai brand.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Question

Are Fairtex Gloves Good for Boxing and MMA?

Fairtex boxing gloves are affordable and known for their tight, snug fit. They are high-quality Muay Thai gloves, and the BGV1 model is highly recommended as an all-purpose option.

How Long Do Fairtex Boxing Gloves Last?

For beginners, Fairtex gloves can last 1-3 years, depending on how frequently you train. For professionals or heavy hitters, cheaper gloves may not last a year, so it’s best to invest in higher-quality gloves.

Are Fairtex 12 oz Boxing Gloves Good?

Yes, 12 oz Fairtex gloves are suitable for training, heavy bag work, and sparring. They are made with high-quality genuine leather and are durable.


Fairtex boxing gloves offer a snug fit, high quality, and great value for Muay Thai and boxing. The BGV1 model is recommended for its comfortable padding, grip, and suitability for daily training.


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