Best Kickboxing Gloves to Buy – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to kickboxing, having the right gloves is essential. These gloves are not just for protection, but they provide the necessary support and stability to unleash your full potential in the ring. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, investing in a quality pair of kickboxing gloves is crucial for your performance and progress.

With so many options available, finding the perfect gloves that balance functionality and comfort can be challenging. However, taking the time to research and choose the right pair is an investment in your passion for kickboxing and your success in the ring. So, gear up and let your journey towards mastering this art begin.

10 Best Kickboxing Gloves – Reviews and Buyer Guides

In our today’s article of the best kickboxing gloves, we reviewed the top 10 products that are surely going to polish your boxing skills. At the same time, you continue uninterrupted hours of training sessions.

1. Everlast Pro Style – The Best Kickboxing Gloves

These training gloves from Everlast are the best buy for trainers and athletic enthusiasts. Rated as the best seller, these gloves offer unparalleled protection for beginners at a very competitive price. Our review of these gloves as one of the best kickboxing gloves will explain why every gym freak has a pair of Everlast Pro Style training gloves in their equipment.

These gloves are available in different colors and are made up of 80% Polyurethane besides 20% Polyester. The gloves weigh 12 oz and are designed as thick gloves empowering punch when you are training with the punch bag.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

There are two padding layers inside the glove, that provide greater absorption of force, to shield knuckles, wrist, and hand. The foam is in the wrist shape, and the thumb lock technology is the bonus point here, for it locks the thumb in its place.

The side of the palm has a mesh that makers claim as the EverCool design. This mechanism keeps your hands cool due to proper air circulation. Moreover, the EverFresh system keeps the gloves, free from odor and bacteria that are formed due to continuous training sessions.

In case you are planning to buy these gloves for hardcore muscle exercise or sparring with your partner, you might need to rethink here because these gloves are made for punch bag work sessions, fitness, and non-contact cardio work out. Although the gloves are prone to wear and tear, the synthetic leather may get damaged if you try them out during intense workouts.


  • Affordable
  • Two-layer padding
  • Perfect for beginners
  • EverFresh system keeps the skin free of allergies
  • Thumb lock system


  • Closure strap is short
  • Not suitable for hardcore training

If you have just started practicing kickboxing, then EverLast is the first choice you are going to make because you deserve the right equipment. These training gloves are not going to cost you more money and will help you in getting acquainted with the world of kickboxing.

2. Sanabul Essential – Gel Kickboxing Gloves

Must add into your gym bag this amazing pair of gloves that has an exquisite design and a high-end performance. These kickboxing gloves from Sanabul have a lot more to deliver, and with such a huge rating, we are convinced enough to mention them among the best kickboxing gloves for the year 2020.

Designed with expertise and given a touch of sophistication, these kickboxing gloves provide maximum protection along with an optimized impact of the punch. Ideal for fitness training, kickboxing, and bag punching, these gloves are available in multiple sizes that correspond to your weight. Furthermore, Sanabul has introduced a range of vivid colors giving a unique look and matching your gym outfits.

Sanabul Essential - Gel Kickboxing Gloves

The protection of the hand is guaranteed with the gel foam induced in the gloves. It is soft to prevent wrist sprain yet sturdy for an impressive punch. The peripheral surface is made up of durable leather that resists scratches and damages while you workout.

Sanabul makes the combat sport fun, as it allows you to relieve stress, improve muscles, and keep you fit. With its gloves having a longitudinal arch design that fits your hand curvature, thus giving you the liberty to move and hold a strong grip on the things. The mesh palm area grants a breathing room to the hand, so there is no chance of odor and growth of bacteria.

These gloves have been tested and approved by prominent boxing professionals, and the makers claim that they deliver the same to you. The stalwart construction of the gloves will be long-lasting provident performance without breaking your bank.


  • Durable construction
  • Mesh palm area
  • Gel foam
  • Soft yet strong
  • Tested by professionals


  • Won’t be so comfortable with hand wraps

3. Venum Challenger 2.0 – Leather Kickboxing Gloves

Crafted from hand with zero compromises on quality and performance, Venum Challenger 2.0 gloves are here to give a competition-ready performance to kickboxing enthusiasts, like other top kickboxing gloves. These gloves are designed and manufactured in Thailand, thus standing out as a distinguished trustworthy product.

The Venum Challenger are premium hand-crafted gloves made with the finest material, that deliver matchless performance in combat sports such as kickboxing, MMA fighting, boxing, and Muay Thai fighting. These lightweight gloves are known for their optimized protection, shock absorption, and hard-hitting punches.

Venum Challenger 2.0 - Leather Kickboxing Gloves

The gloves are present in the market in different sizes and some dazzling colors that give out an aesthetic look. The gloves are built with 100% Polyurethane and have a large Venum logo embossed on the exterior surface.

Undoubtedly, Polyurethane leather makes the surface smooth and easy to clean. The exterior design also contains a mesh palm area that provides better air ventilation, so you can carry one strenuous exercise without having to remove them for wiping sweat.

Inside, you will find triple density padding, which will disburse the shock, is going to hit hard, and prevent any strain in the wrist. This padding allows the glove back to compress and recoil in shape easily. The gloves fit in the hands through the wrist enclosure consisting of elastic and Velcro. The features make it ideal for the beginners in kickboxing and light punching bag boxing.


  • Triple density foam
  • 100% PU
  • Affordable
  • Handmade
  • Versatile


  • Not suitable for professionals.

4. Venum Elite – Budget Gloves for Kickboxing

Unleash the fighter in you with the Venum Elite Boxing gloves. These mastery gloves have got everything that makes them one of the high-ranked kickboxing gloves. Prominent features include triple density foam, long cuffs, and fortified palm delivering matchless protecting along with some hard-hitting knocks. Go through our review to know further.

These boxing gloves present an elite collection with fantastic designs and colors, at such an affordable price. The makers take the twist here and have employed a different material known as SkinTex for its construction. The gloves are handmade, and they make sure there is left no vacuum in achieving the pristine standards important for a boxing glove.

Venum Elite - Budget Gloves for Kickboxing

The velcro strapping is phenomenal here as the strap provides support to the wrist and assists in quick wearing. Meanwhile, the reinforced palm provides seamless support to the hand, thus preventing the gloves from slipping off.

Strength is incorporated in the gloves through the triple-density foam. It will provide unparalleled protection to you by disbanding the effects of punches and knocks. The gloves have been designed in a manner that complies with your hand and fits in properly. Fitting on the hand and compliance with the knuckles is an issue that has been well sought by these gloves.

The air circulation is possible in these gloves, with the help of the breathing mesh present below the wrist of the glove. The design is fiery, which motivates the fighter spirit inside you. With a snake symbol and blunt edges embossed on to the surface, it is worthy to say that Venum beats other gloves in this facet.


  • Velcro strap
  • Triple density padding
  • Comfort and compliance
  • Affordable
  • Unique design
  • Mesh for air-circulation
  • Skintex surface


  • Won’t be suitable for pro MMA fighting

5. RDX MMA Gloves – Kick Boxing Fight Gloves

We are reviewing another protective gear from RDX, and this time it’s RDX MMA gloves. They are fairly suitable for Muay Thai, combat fighting, kickboxing, and martial arts as well. Read our review to know further.

The gloves are made up of 100% authentic Maya-hide, that offers befitting resistance towards wear and tear. It means they are going to stand for longer due to its Tri-Slab PC3 padding. The three-layer padding includes an infused shock dispersion sheet for scattering maximum force, an Eva-Lution layer for even distribution of shock, and the spongy blacktop fabric for flawless performance.

RDX MMA Gloves for Muai Thai and Kickboxing

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The glove closure is through the hook and loop system, which proffers compact support to the wrist and easy wearing of the gloves. This hook and loop are according to the worldwide standards, ensuring minimal slipping of the gloves from the hands.

The palm design, with a D-cut, gives a superior grip for holding things around. No mesh surface, rather an open palm for consistent air-flow and sweat-free training. With bolstered dual stitching all over the glove, imparts bonus strength and heftiness to the gear.


  • Tri-slab PC3 padding
  • Versatile
  • Affordable


  • Fitting issues

6. Ringside Apex – Flash Sparring Gloves

Featuring an IMF padding technology, the Ringside Apex Flash Sparring gloves are the next proficient gloves on our list of best kickboxing gloves. These heavy-duty gloves have a significant number of customers who gave a thumbs-up review to their performance.

These 14oz gloves have a remarkable position in the world combat sport because of its durability, stalwart features, and attractive design. The gloves do justice to the protection and comfort of the hands, as well as the wrists. However, the gloves have three variants in weights that are 14oz, 16oz, and 18oz. Over and above that, you will find a wide range of colors, varying from golden, black, white to red, blue, and pink.

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves

Coming to IMF technology, that is the new innovative system consisting of Injected Molded Foam. This 2.25 inches of molded foam makes the gloves ideal for punching bags and sparring. The exterior leather surface is smooth and demands simple cleaning. Secondly, the hook and loop closure secures the gloves on the hand and becomes the front-line guard to the wrist.

The palm mesh area accompanied by the antimicrobial inner liner circulates air evenly and prevents the growth of microorganisms onto the gloves. Overall the design is good, and performance is long-lasting.


  • IMF padding
  • Strong protection
  • Stalwart construction
  • For sparring and punching bags
  • Mesh palm area


  • Lose strength with time

7. Twins Special Boxing Gloves for Kickboxing

Made with the finest material, the Twins Special Boxing gloves are here to stay in your gym bag. Manufactured in Thailand, the origin of Muay Thai, and offering some good quality leather are the reasons we are mentioning it on our list of best kickboxing gloves.

The gloves are built with 100% leather, thus rendering a nice smooth exterior surface that is easy to clean and looks elegant. The wrist enclosure is functional with Velcro, due to which the gloves remain in place for long without causing any inconvenience for you. The velcro strap also assists in putting gloves on and off effortlessly.

Twins Special Boxing Gloves for Kickboxing

The gloves are designed carefully to allow breathing when you are doing a workout. The vents inside the glove combine to form a palm mesh area that paves the way for air to pass through. This system also prevents odor formation in the gloves.

Available in three classy colors, the gloves are manufactured in multiple sizes, ranging from 6oz to 16oz. The buying deal depends upon the use, where 6oz would be appropriate for light competition, you can buy 16oz and 18oz gloves for high-end sparring and training.

Inside the glove, that has its shape according to the curvature of the hand, constitutes a top-quality multi-layer padding. This foaming serves for ultimate protection and high impact punches. The gloves are equally perfect for sparring, kickboxing, boxing, and tough training.


  • 100% leather
  • Multiple color and sizes
  • Smooth exterior surface
  • Velcro strap


  • Stiffness in the new product

8. Brace Master – Cardio Kickboxing Gloves

Brace Master is a known brand for its expertise in manufacturing gloves with the aim of versatile application. These MMA gloves we are discussing here are used in different combat sports, including bag punching, kickboxing, boxing, sparring, Muay Thai, and heavy bag punching. It stands as the mean reason we are reviewing it on our list of top 10 Best kickboxing gloves.

The gloves are aptly suitable for both males and females. The size guide will tell you the most fitting size for you. Moreover, the exterior surface is made of Polyurethane that is easy to clean and is resilient towards damage.

Brace Master - Cardio Kickboxing Gloves

These gloves are built resistant and tough, for they incorporate sponge and high-quality leather. Skillful stitching imparts more strength to the gloves for ultimate training experience. The gloves are distinguished from other boxing gloves due to open palm design, to counter the effects of heavy sweating. This design keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the workout session.

However, the gloves protect your knuckles and wrists from injury due to heavy padding. Thick foaming absorbs more shocks and hits hard punches. What makes the gloves fit on your hand is the reinforced wristband along with the Hook and Loop closure. Not only it complies with the shape of the hands, but it also provides infinite support to the wrist.


  • Versatile uses
  • Sturdy design
  • Diverse colors
  • Men and women gym pros
  • Open palm design
  • Sparring, kickboxing, martial arts
  • Easy to clean


  • Hand wraps required

9. Cleto Reyes – Kickboxing Training Gloves

Never miss the thrill when combat sporting with the Cleto Reyes boxing gloves. This magnificent pair of gloves, entails so much in them, that you are going to love every second of kickboxing. Read our review to know what awaits you.

These handmade gloves are composed of 100% goat-skin leather and are stuffed with the water-repellent Nylon padding. Taking comfort to the next level, the gloves are designed with a hook and loop system that ensures steadfast enclosure, along with swift wearing.

Cleto Reyes - Kickboxing Training Gloves

You will find a range of colors in the Cleto Reyes boxing gloves series, aiming to give your gear a modernized look. The gloves are available in different weights ranging from 12oz to 180z.

The gloves secure hands and wrist from strain or injury, via its brilliantly shaped thumbs and wrist support system. The interior latex foaming is 2″ thick, which means you can punch with greater force besides feeling that protective shield absorbing the force of opponents’ knock. Moreover, the surface is waterproof, so sweating-hands won’t be causing an interruption in your workout sessions.

The gloves are known for their excellent build-up, premium fitting, and durability that protects them from damage through long training hours. Purposed to be puncher gloves, they are going to survive numerous rounds of hard-punching and still retain their compactness.

The point to be noted is that the padding is thin at the knuckles’ area; therefore, your hands would be going sore after continuous training.


  • 100% leather
  • Waterproof foaming
  • Hook and loop system
  • Multi-colors
  • Puncher gloves
  • For sparring and training


  • Stiffness
  • Long break-in time

10. RDX’s Best Gloves for Kickboxing Class

Thousands of combat sports specialists appreciate the RDX brand, and they have the most comfortable kickboxing gloves in the lineup. These training gloves’ sturdy design and significant features have made its position among the best kickboxing gloves we are reviewing.

These gloves are constructed with a robust cow-hide leather, that imparts shatter-proof resilience to the gear. If the gloves are made up of genuine leather, this particular product is undoubtedly going to work for long. These gloves are most widely pertinent for kickboxing, Muay Thai, punching bags, sparring, and a lot more.

RDX's Best Gloves for Kickboxing Class

The air ventilation system allows sufficient air to pass through the intelligently placed holes inside the gloves. Hence the unpleasant odor is not created, and the hands are continuously in contact with the air.

The closure features the TAKKA system, which is a comfortable, protective, wrist supporting system. Gloves will hold on tightly to the hand, and the innovative strap design provides a solid grip and rapid wearing of gloves without any hassle.

Padding layers in these mitts reveal a lot more about the premium protection delivered by them. Starting with the spongy blacktop fabric that compliments the spongy foamy sheet. The next is the Max-Shock equilibrium foam, which absorbs the shocks and force of the punches. Then we get a Denzo-Tron foam, for resisting impact, and an Eva-Lution sheet above the wrist area for evenly distributing the force.


  • Takka system closure
  • Multi-functional
  • Affordable
  • High-end shield
  • Effortless cleaning


  • Fitting issues

Ultimate Buying Guide for Kickboxing Gloves and FAQ’sExercise is all about the right moves and the right equipment. Kickboxing is the sport that demands more fitness and maintenance, so if you do not have the appropriate protection gear with you, there are high chances of injury and strain. We, therefore, have highlighted the facets you have to look at and correlate with your requirements.

There are main types of boxing gloves that vary based on the structure, padding, design, and use. As a beginner, the bag gloves would be suitable for you. These gloves have suitable padding for punching the bag and not causing any injury to your wrist. For gym freaks and fitness trainers, the training gloves are best, that are available in different colors and weight. The choice depends upon your hand weight, height, size, and muscle development.

The next category is the sparring gloves that are worn for a proper fight. The purpose is to knock down the opponent or have a fight with a training partner along with protecting your hand and wrist muscles from the injury. It is achieved through sturdy padding inside the gloves. These gloves normally weigh 16oz or 18oz. Another variance in the style of the glove is the lace-up style that allows for adjusting the fitting of the gloves.

The weight of the gloves is a necessary characteristic that depends upon the purpose of use. If you are a beginner, a 12oz kickboxing glove will work just fine for you. Being a professional trainer and heavyweight athlete, you can choose 14oz gloves. Whereas for sparring 16oz gloves are considered efficient.

Kickboxing gloves need to have a mesh palm area. This mesh palm area is responsible for the flow of air across the gloves so that your hands get proper ventilation during the workout.

The next is the exterior surface. Most gloves are made up of 100% leather synthesized carefully. While others are made up of Polyurethane, Skintex, and other synthesized material. However, the main point is that the surface must resist wear and tear, and retain durability for a longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

What size kickboxing gloves should I get?

A 10oz glove is a normal size for working out with the punch bag. However, for intense workouts choose 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, and even 18oz for heavyweight fights.

Do heavier gloves make you faster?

It depends upon the force you apply. Heavier gloves make you apply more force at a slower speed while lightweight gloves increase the muscle contraction at a faster speed.

Can You Punch a Heavy Bag Without boxing Gloves?

Yes, you can. Punching a bag even with a hand wrap or MMA gloves will be equally good for developing muscles and strengthening the knuckles.


Now it is time to reveal our top three picks that covers a pristine performance and are a good value for money. They are:

  • Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Gloves for all-round performance and supreme protection at an affordable price.
  • Venum Challenger 2.0 for high-end training at the gym.
  • RDX Boxing Gloves for training, sparring, and top-notch shield against the knocks at an affordable price.

Reaching the end of this article, we hope you are now more motivated to get back to the gym and start training. Set your goals and keep on moving with persistence. Send us your queries and share them if you like the page. Stay tuned for more content.


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