In the realm of boxing, where precision and protection are paramount, the search for the ideal pair of gloves can feel like navigating a labyrinth of options. Every boxer craves the perfect blend of quality craftsmanship, comfort, and affordability in their gear. Enter Byakko, a brand that has swiftly risen to prominence in the world of boxing equipment. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, Byakko Boxing Gloves have become a favorite among fighters seeking an edge in the ring.

As a boxer myself, I understand the importance of gear that not only performs admirably but also feels like an extension of one’s own fists. That’s why I was intrigued to put Byakko Boxing Gloves to the test. In this comprehensive review, I’ll be sharing my firsthand experience with these gloves, shedding light on their standout features and performance that set them apart from the competition.

Join me as we explore what makes Byakko Boxing Gloves a game-changer in the ring, offering unparalleled support and protection for fighters of all levels.

Byakko Boxing Gloves Key Features

Byakko Gloves Review Byakko means “white tiger” in Japanese, and this brand, founded by two individuals from the UK, Ben Leonard and Sean Cowie, lives up to its namesake with its ferociously good boxing gloves. Their mission to create reasonably priced, high-quality equipment has resulted in a product that has garnered much attention and acclaim.


Craftsmanship and Material

The cornerstone of Byakko Boxing Gloves is their premium cowhide leather construction. This choice of material not only imparts a luxurious feel but also promises long-lasting durability. The craftsmanship that goes into each pair of Byakko gloves is evident from the moment you lay eyes on them. The meticulous attention to detail and precision in assembly rival even Thai-made gloves, setting them apart from the competition.


One of the standout features of Byakko gloves is the flawless stitching. While they are marketed as triple-stitched, the quality surpasses the labeling, with single and double stitching in all the right places. Every element of the gloves, especially the palm area, exhibits masterful workmanship, making them exceptionally robust.


The lining of boxing gloves is often an overlooked aspect, but Byakko sets itself apart by incorporating a unique lining material. Unlike the standard glossy nylon found in most gloves, Byakko uses a specially woven material that offers superior comfort. This lining not only feels softer but also avoids the common issue of folding, providing a more enjoyable experience during training.


Byakko gloves feature triple-layered foam padding strategically distributed for optimal performance. The knuckles receive medium-density padding, perfect for heavy bag training and sparring. What sets them apart is the dense padding on the top side of the wrist, offering excellent wrist protection. Additionally, a substantial padding piece on the palm facilitates parrying and partner drills, a standout feature appreciated by many users.

Byakko Boxing Gloves Review



The shape of Byakko gloves adheres to traditional boxing glove design. They prioritize padding on the knuckles, secure the thumb safely, and feature a long, rigid wrist cuff for superior wrist protection. While the punching area is more rounded than angular, the gloves maintain the correct positioning of the first two knuckles, ensuring proper hand alignment during use. Their overall size tends toward the larger side, which is worth noting for potential buyers.

Comfort & Feel

Byakko gloves excel in the comfort department. The unique lining material adds to the overall comfort, even without hand wraps. The gloves provide a snug fit that can be appreciated both with and without wraps. Byakko’s claim that they fit “like a glove” holds true, making them a pleasure to wear during training sessions. The thoughtful placement of a small bar at the end of the fingers enhances the gripping experience and ensures that making a fist feels natural and effortless.

Wrist Protection

Byakko takes pride in its wrist protection, and rightly so. The long cuff, extending halfway up the forearm, features solid, hard padding on the top side. The hook-and-loop strap is well-designed, ensuring a secure fit, even for those with thinner wrists. With hand wraps in place and the strap secured, you’ll feel confident in your wrist’s stability and protection.


Visual preferences are subjective, but it’s fair to say that Byakko gloves fall into the “average” category in this regard. Currently available primarily in black with prominent Byakko branding and some white and blue patterns, the aesthetics may not be their strong suit. However, a cleaner design and improved logo and font could elevate their appearance to match their exceptional quality.


Pro and cons


  • Amazing Value for the Price: Byakko Boxing Gloves offer outstanding value for the quality you receive, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Excellent Wrist Protection: The gloves feature a long and hard cuff that provides superior wrist protection, reducing the risk of wrist injuries during training.
  • Super Comfortable and Snug Fit: Byakko gloves are known for their exceptional comfort and snug fit, ensuring that your hands feel comfortable and secure during your workouts.
  • Premium Lining and Finger Compartment: The gloves boast a lining that surpasses that of many other gloves in the same price range, offering a softer and more comfortable feel. The finger compartment is well-designed for a natural grip.
  • Forgiving Padding for Sparring: The padding is forgiving, which is ideal for sparring, as it minimizes the risk of injury to both you and your sparring partner.


  • Bulky and Oversized Appearance: Some users find that the gloves appear too bulky and oversized on the outside, which can make them look less realistic compared to competition gloves. This can be a matter of personal preference.
  • Unimpressive Visual Design: The visual design of Byakko Boxing Gloves may not be to everyone’s taste. Some users find the aesthetics, including the branding and patterns, to be unimpressive and not reflective of the gloves’ actual quality.

Price & Competitors

As of writing, Byakko gloves are competitively priced at $65-70, making them a steal considering their genuine leather construction and premium features. In comparison to gloves in the $90-100 range, they hold their own and, in some cases, outperform them. Brands like Venum and Revgear offer gloves in the same price range, but Byakko’s value proposition is hard to beat. For those seeking the best boxing gloves for the money, Byakko is a clear frontrunner.


Using the Byakko Boxing Gloves

Byakko gloves excel in various training modalities, offering exceptional protection in heavy bag training, pad work, sparring, and partner drills. The knuckle padding strikes the right balance between protection and feedback, ensuring your hands remain pain-free even during prolonged use. The break-in period is notably quick, allowing you to enjoy their benefits from day one.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Byakko Boxing Gloves represent some of the best value-for-money options in the market. Their combination of premium materials, comfort, force absorption, and wrist protection sets them apart from the competition. While their bulk and size may not suit everyone’s preferences, they cater exceptionally well to those who prioritize protection in their training. Byakko gloves deliver exceptional quality and performance, making them a smart choice for both beginners and experienced boxers alike. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself pleasantly surprised, just as I was, by the Byakko boxing gloves.

Overall Rating: 4/5

  • Quality: 100%
  • Protection: 80%
  • Feel/Comfort: 90%
  • Visuals: 80%

In conclusion, Byakko Boxing Gloves are a hidden gem in the boxing glove market, offering unbeatable value for their quality and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your boxing journey, these gloves are a solid choice that won’t break the bank. Give them a try and experience the Byakko difference for yourself.


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