Review of Winning Boxing Gloves – Top 3 Boxing Gloves

A review of Winning boxing gloves is sure to lead you to invest in the finest boxing gloves available, thanks to their exceptional quality, unmatched durability, top-notch performance, superior padding, and unparalleled comfort. What sets Winning apart is their unwavering dedication to their customers, crafting gloves not merely for fighters, but for champions.

This esteemed Japanese brand has successfully maintained both its brand reputation and product quality over the years. Japan, known for its intelligent, humble, and industrious population, possesses all the essential qualities required to create the ultimate gloves in the world of boxing.

Top 3 Winning Boxing Gloves Review – Top-Rated List

Look at the list of  3 perfect winning boxing gloves which we reviewed.

  • Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600B
  • Winning Training Boxing Gloves10oz MS600
  • Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves 16oz

In the entire fighting world “winning” is still very much considered the best boxing gloves. They don’t redesign it every year or make a lot of changes in its quality. Winning gloves are simply incredible! It has a gold standard, and these are extremely popular.

Winning has made certain assumptions for a fighter and made the best of all fighting gloves. Winning assumes that you are a dangerous fighter; you need the best gloves for a long time to train.

Who doesn’t want to win in any game? So you must choose the winning gloves for making most of the chances yours to win!

Let’s find out why professionals love to wear winning boxing gloves!

1. Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600B Review

Winning Boxing Gloves

These winning gloves are one of the best boxing gloves in the world. Due to its exclusivity, prestige, and unrivalled quality. 16oz MS600B is the go-to gloves for professional boxers who usually concern buying a premium reliable boxing glove.

Moreover, they are handmade in Japan. It has a feature of anti-impact elongated thumb made of premium Japanese leather which is designed to protect the incorrect thumb position during striking.

And it is stitched with double-sided ergonomic fit. Best of all, because these are multi-layered latex foam padding for the best shock absorption and hand protection.

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600B

If we go in more details of these gloves, they have moisture repelling quick-dry liner for faster drying, also with an ability to reduce the micro bacterial growth.

Also, it has a winning boxing logo in the middle of the glove, and it is a competitor of grant boxing gloves and cleto boxing gloves.

These gloves Provide with 6 cm hook and loop Velcro wrist support.


  • Hook-and-Loop strap for wrist protection
  • Anti-thumbing Style
  • High leather quality
  • Winning boxing logo


  • Anti-impact elongated thumb made with premium leather
  • Multi-layered latex foam padding with best shock absorption
  • Moisture repelling quick-dry liner


  • Not very round and bulky
  • Smaller in size
  • Expensive
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2. Winning Training Boxing Gloves10oz MS600 Review

Boxing Gloves Black

Winning 10-ounce gloves are for training with mitts. It has an uppercut bag and supported by thick, long-lasting leather, it has a glossy finishing look, but it has a distinct smell when the gloves are the first time taken out of the packed box.

Moreover, the case that leather boxing gloves of winning will see their colours fading after long-term use. Leather will be wrinkled after long-term use. But it will never crack through. The interior of these gloves is made up of a mixture of polyester and nylon. Handmade in Japan. It comes in different colours, blue, white, and black.

For its glossy look, the white lacing matches the same colour strip below the thumb. Laces are soft, but they will hold uptight and provide protection to the thumb. These laces can be replaced easily if they begin to fade and fray from the ends.

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600

However, the best thing about winning gloves is their high quality and performance when hitting the pads. It is internal padding on these 10oz gloves is better than one expects for a product. Winning made an addition to enhance protection level, and it might match heavier gloves due to more stuffing of foam. The material used by winning in all gloves is of top quality.

Moreover, it will protect your hand, wrists, and knuckles from being bruised. You don’t need to worry while punching hard. Many professional boxers are using this pair of winning. And they are proudly wearing it. It is proof of how good these gloves are in quality. Overall, this pair has no flaw, and they are one of the best boxing gloves.

Indeed, this is good in quality, and its stitching is evident. For instance, the leather smells good and can be worn for long-term use in training purposes.


  • Lace-up type
  • Beautiful in design
  • Safe and best quality
  • Anti-Thumbing Style for protection


  • Best for sparring
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Glossy look, handmade and available in 3 colours
  • Better stuffing/ padding of foam for protecting knuckles


  • No glue residue
  • Expensive
  • Tighter hand compartment
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3. Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves 16oz Review

Winning Boxing Gloves Velcro

The Winning 16-ounce glove product comes in 16 colour choices, really 16 CHOICES! No other brand would offer such a vast range of colours to get exactly what you want in a boxing glove. Specifically, there’s gold, black, navy, pink and just about every colour combination in between them.

This pair of winning gloves have a Velcro enclosure rather than using laces which makes it easier to both adjust its fit and remove the gloves even after using the mitts, sparring or punching the bag in the ring. It is very comfortable for a wearer to take them off within a few seconds after the game overs. Also, the wearer can switch out gloves for different training activities.

Point to be noted that, this version is that it is made for the heaviest of hitters, people with larger hands or heavyweight. You will feel a little heavier while wearing it for the first time, but it is made for your protection and comfort.

Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves 16oz

When working out on over 200-pounds bag, winning Velcro is capable of protecting your knuckles and wrist to prevent bruises. Winning boxing gloves 16oz white is graceful and It’s difficult to find any better than these.

Unfortunately, there is no membrane to let the inside of each glove breathe. After an intensive workout, these will build up a sweat inside the gloves.

Must be remembered that you buy the appropriate size gloves for your hands, so, they don’t move when working out the sweat. Buying a proper size will help to avoid the injury, and it will give a pleasant feel.

However, for drying its sweat, you have to keep the hand opening facing the breeze, and it might take longer than any other brand’s glove to dry.


  • Multipurpose padding
  • Available in 16 colours
  • Practically perfect construction
  • Unrivalled protection


  • Huge range of colors from which you can choose
  • Better protection for knuckles and wrist
  • Comfortable and durable


  • No air holes to let the gloves breathe
  • Adjustments are difficult because someone else has to tie up the laces
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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Are Winning gloves worth it?

Not only because its name is eye-catching for the wearer, but they are also worth buying due to its material, quality, comfort, durability, performance, and padding. Winning is worth the price.

How long do Winning gloves last?

Winning gloves last for 1-3 years depending on how much you train. But they are the long-lasting gloves you will ever have.

How can you tell if winning gloves are fake?

You have to be cautious from where you are buying the glove. is the best-trusted site for buying winning boxing gloves.

Why are winning gloves so expensive?

Winning gloves are expensive because of its material, high-quality leather with its superior inner lining and the stitching is the top of the line.

How tight should a boxing glove be?

The glove should be tight, but not so tight that your blood circulation of hands stops. Your fingertips should fit accurately against the top of the glove, and it should lace up around your wrist. Also, you should consider where you will be using boxing gloves.

How do you stretch out boxing gloves?

You can quickly start doing this with both hands on the outside of each glove for 2-3 minutes. After that, put on your gloves and move around, stretch them out a little bit for another 3 minutes.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these gloves are as close to perfection as it gets. When it comes to the best winning boxing gloves, the clear winner is the Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600B. We wholeheartedly recommend investing in a pair of these gloves.

Furthermore, these gloves truly speak for themselves; there’s no need for elaborate persuasion. Winning stands as one of the most reputable and trusted brands in the world of combat sports, and their products exude quality without any pretentiousness. While there may be competitors like Rival boxing gloves, many serious boxers are willing to pay a premium for the exceptional quality that Winning gloves offer. It’s hard to dispute the fact that Winning boxing gloves are an exceptional choice for any boxer.

We appreciate your visit to our website, and we hope that our Winning boxing gloves review has helped you find the perfect pair. Please feel free to comment below and share your favorite Winning boxing gloves. Enjoy your time in the ring!


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