From novices to seasoned experts, the world of boxing has witnessed a brand that caters to all: Rival. If you’re on the hunt for the epitome of quality, style, and innovation in boxing gloves, your search ends with Rival. This Canadian-owned company has firmly etched its name as a global frontrunner in the boxing industry, and the reasons behind its rise to prominence are crystal clear.

In a sport where achieving victory demands the finest gear to optimize performance and minimize the risk of injury, Rival stands as an emblem of excellence. With more than a decade of experience in the field, Rival has solidified its position as one of the most recognizable and trusted names in the boxing community.

What sets Rival apart is its unwavering commitment to serving a wide spectrum of boxers, from novices taking their first steps into the ring to world champions seeking that extra competitive edge. It’s no wonder that esteemed professionals like Anthony Joshua repose their trust in Rival gloves and equipment to meet their exacting requirements.

Yet Rival’s dedication transcends mere functionality. They are fueled by an ardent passion to create products that resonate deeply with their customers. Their vow to “reinvent the industry” has reverberated throughout the world of boxing gloves, urging other brands to elevate their standards.

So, how has Rival attained such acclaim and success? By listening attentively to the needs and preferences of their clientele. They comprehend that every boxer is unique, and they’ve tailored their offerings to align with these individual requisites.

In the forthcoming sections, we will embark on an in-depth review of the top 6 Rival boxing gloves, spotlighting the craftsmanship, innovation, and performance that render them the gloves of choice for countless individuals in the boxing fraternity. Regardless of whether you’re just embarking on your boxing journey or you’re a seasoned professional, Rival has a glove that’s meticulously designed to cater to your distinctive needs.

Top 6 Rival Boxing Gloves Reviews

Follow are the top picks of Rival Boxing Gloves,

1. Rival Rfx-Guerrero-V Fight Bag Gloves Review

Rival Boxing Gloves

These are designed to be a comfortable and great fit for those looking for a top pro fight or a training glove. Even if you are looking for a professional or semi-professional glove to fight or train with, you are in the right place. You should consider these gloves the best.

Professional boxers are loving this pair of gloves and proud to wear them in the ring. Plus, the glove comes in two models. 1. The SF-F, 2. The HDE-F. The primary difference in these models is the Rival foam use to laminate to the leather.

These Rival bag gloves have a vast array of colors. It is considered a traditional “Mexican-style” pro glove of Rival, it gives a solid, comfortable fit, and patented with angled Lace-Track Check Price


  • Rival patented angled lace-track
  • Laminated with a high density of EVA
  • Has a Firmer feel with emphasis on power and safety of the boxer
  • Two different types of foam
  • More protection for your hands
  • Better strength and stability


  • The vast array of colors
  • Mexican style pro glove
  • Solid fit
  • Angled lace track
  • 2 models
  • A stiffer and firmer feel
  • Ultimate strength and stability
  • More protection because of double foam


  • Very expensive models of Rival

2. Rival Rb11 (Rs11v) Evolution Sparring Gloves Review

Best Boxing Gloves

This pair is also known as (also known as the RS11V Gloves). These are arguably one of their best all-round training gloves. Moreover, they are all-purpose gloves i.e. training purposes including sparring, bag and mitt work.

What else makes these so special? One of the reasons is that they have introduced and upgraded this glove with their very own V-strap with a Wrist-Lock 2system for keeping your wrists nice and secure. Along with that, it has added more padding on the inside to give even more protection to help avoid fewer injuries.

However, as I said above the RS11 is one of the best training gloves in the industry from beginners to the advanced level boxer. All invest in these gloves due to its durability. It’s the best of all Rival gloves!ck Pric


  • Innovative dual angle “V” strap and “Wrist-Lock 2” system
  • Superior palm and wrist support than most gloves
  • Features a narrow fit like a fight glove
  • Has an “Airflow Control System” helps keep your hands dry
  • Constructed of microfiber for better durability
  • Includes the Rival trademark


  • Micro-fibre construction
  • Extra thick layered padding of foam
  • Airflow for the ventilation of sweat
  • Better fitting with larger hands compartment
  • Improved soft padding lining
  • Trademark of Rival angle cuff of 15 degrees


  • Thumb getting numb (customer’s complaint)
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3. Rival Boxing Rb1 Ultra Bag Gloves Review

Rival Sparring Gloves

These ultra-bag gloves are having a solid design introduced by Rival. These pairs have the first generation wrist lock strapping system, and it is one of their most affordable options to buy from the best Rival gloves.

Furthermore, these gloves are perfect for the beginner or intermediate to get started. While making this pair, Rival accomplished to achieve the comfort level of the wearer. Also, we made laminated lining and extra layered foam padding on the inside to give excellent protection for the wearer’s wrist, palm, and fingers.

However, these gloves are suited for bag or mitt, work, but they can also be used for sparring. Additionally, Rival has improved the thumb attachment and mesh palm for added ventilation and Rival has injected the logo on the wrist. Check Price


  • Cool graphic application on gloves
  • Improved thumb attachment for better grip
  • “Freeman Microfiber” construction
  • Comfortable laminated lining
  • Mesh palm for better ventilation


  • Thumb attachment has improved
  • Laminated lining
  • More comfortable and durable
  • Mesh palm for better ventilation
  • Better layered padding for maximum protection of the hand
  • Wristlock strapping system


  • Wrist support is lacking
  • Heavy bag work will bruise your hand
  • Thumb pockets are short
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4. Rival Rb7 Fitness Plus Bag Gloves Review

Rival Boxing Gloves Review

These gloves of Rival are versatile and have a quality fitting. But these gloves are for boxing beginners and fitness users. Uniquely, the glove out of synthetic Carbonium PU material helps to make the glove ultra-durable on the outside layer.

Moreover, the glove has a molded foam to provide safety and comfort for anyone wearer using this glove.

Unfortunately, these gloves are not for all-purpose and not suitable at all for sparring. Comparatively these gloves are accurate if you are looking for a glove for a bag and mitt fitness.heck Price


  • These boxing gloves are great for beginners and fitness users
  • Molded foam padding
  • Made from Carbonium PU
  • Extra-resistant
  • Designed for a comfortable fit on the hand
  • Has Hook and loop closure


  • Variety of colors
  • Comfortable fit
  • Better foam padding
  • Wrist strap for protection
  • Synthetic carbonium PU material


  • For beginner and fitness users only
  • Not suitable for sparring

5. Rival Rb60 Workout Bag Gloves Review

Rival Boxing RFX-Guerrero Sparring Gloves

Just entered into boxing? A complete beginner and not wanting to spend a lot of money on gloves than Rival Rb60 workout bag gloves would be the best for you.

Moreover, these are made with durable synthetic leather with extra padding to give you a great comfortable fit and perfect balance.

Rival wanted to motivate newcomers in the field of boxing, so, they tried their best to make a pair for beginners, which they could afford easily and the wearer feels comfortable while boxing.

However, they used durable synthetic leather with an ergo strap system to protect the wrist and added a mesh material on palm for better breathability. Check Price


  • Made with Synthetic leather construction
  • Ultra pro-fit
  • Ergo Strap System to protect the wrist
  • Multi-layered foam inner


  • Extra comfortable made of synthetic leather
  • Ergo strap system
  • Foamy inner
  • Mesh material for better breathability
  • Affordable


  • For beginners only
  • Not durable

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rival boxing gloves good?

Rival boxing gloves are not suitable only. They are excellent for all wearers. It is a Canadian brand and it is attracting all users of other states too. They are well recognized and constructed with a unique design.

Is Rival a good boxing brand?

This brand is making gloves with great padding, comfort, and durability. And it is most known for its stylish aesthetic, innovative cuff design with shock absorption technology.

What are the best boxing gloves?

After Rival, ever last pro-style, and Venum boxing gloves are the best of all brands boxing gloves.

How long do boxing gloves last?

Usually, boxing gloves last you 1 to 3 years, and it depends on how much you train.

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Final Verdict

Rival makes the gloves that are perfect to fit in all kinds of hands. They have high-quality materials that allow the wearer to retain a high level of functionality. Rival gloves are highly cushioned and give a comfortable feel when worn. When punching, it protects the wrists and knuckles from being bruised.

In light of this review, the best model of Rival gloves is Rb11 (Rs11v) Evolution Sparring Gloves according to our opinion. We recommend buying this model of Rival.

Lastly, the price of gloves is justified by the material, design, and high-quality. Rival is gaining popularity all over the world, and they should continue to design such gloves.

Thanks for visiting. We hope that you found what you were looking for in Rival boxing gloves review. Comment down below which is your favorite glove of Rival because your opinions matter to us.


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